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"A Great Idea Doesn't Make Money
A Great Story Does!"

A Consulting firm for all your F&B needs

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Restaurants and Products

Years in restaurants, Bars and kitchen management.

Products production, distribution and



"A unique and wide expertise in both the sides of the market."


 Marketing and Innovation Technology

Remarkable knowledge of

Marketing and innovation technology


"An advantage point to succeed."

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Asia Market Expert

Awards and professional knowledge

The biggest names in the market

A long list of brands and products

"We are your F&B Solution!"


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Our Projects

A Successful Collection Of Cooperation All Around The World, From Big Names To Start-Ups.

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Steve Bruce,
LinkedIn Consultant | SME Marketing Consultant 

Ermanno is an expert in social media, marketing and promotion. His work with Catumaasia Ltd saw him take an unknown, niche product, launch it in Hong Kong and grow his facebook page from zero to thousands of likes within just a few months, with an engaged, active audience.

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Coco Chan,
Founder at Coco Alexandra Holistic Consulting

Ermanno is a breath of fresh air. He's great to work with and is the most creative person I've met in the industry yet. I was especially impressed with his Social Media skills. You can definitely count on him to get the job done.

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Nicola Fabbri,
CEO at Fabbri G. Holding Industriale S.p.A.

Ermanno has the rare skill of taking care of the details while having the whole restaurant situation constantly under control . His approach to the customer is both friendly and professional and he can make anybody's party , of two as of twenty , happy and satisfied . I miss him in Shanghai.

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From restaurants to products
From market analysis to business models
From operative standards to training
From branding to innovation technology
From concept creation to final customer

We have your solution!


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