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F&B consulting



From Idea To Cash Flow




Hyper is the right partner for your F&B business

Since 2006 HYPER has been designing concepts and providing F&B marketing and operational solutions for various enterprises with projects in Europe, Africa, China, Hong Kong, Qatar, Colombia,  achieving great results and ambitious targets.

We specialize in:

-Concept creation and development

-Integrated marketing and digitalization

-Operative Standards




Our works

A Successful Collection Of Cooperation All Around The World, From Big Names To Start-Ups (Our Projects on Homepage / Concept & StartUp)


An idea is nothing more than a thought until it becomes a reality,  be it a restaurant, a bar, a beverage, a production, a start-up, an app, and more. (Integrated Marketing)

Concept engineering: Idea generation and vision, logo communication strategies, trends research, tendering, business plans, marketing plans, operative standards, project management,  business development, and expansion plans.

Product development, packaging & labeling, Asia landing, distributor selection, and expansion.




The team - Award winners and highly experienced associates and partners


Always studying the latest solutions in Media management, web development and communication strategies, foreseeing the new trends, and mastering the matter. (Tech & Innovation)

Media strategies, video strategies,  O2O, leads generation, hype strategies, engagement techniques, and cross-platform marketing strategies

  • 1st Facebook page (new F&B products Asia) to achieve 10000 likes - Catuma 2012 

  • 1st pre-opening engagement strategy using FaceBook testing (F&B Asia)  Enomod Social Dining 2013

  • 1st video teaser strategy on youtube platform (private owned F&B concept Asia) Enomod Social Dining 2013




Branding & communication

Turning a vision in to operations, the branding process is the key step in concept development, leading guest experiences and buying processes. (ranging & Packaging)

Logo development and graphic design, promotional materials, in-house visuals (menu, posters, interior design..), uniform design, and more.




Promotions & events

Promotions & Events creations, management, follow-up.

HYPER has more than 10 years' experience in events and promotions,  international DJs, fairs and expos, club nights & theme parties, food promotions, and more, all synchronized with branding and media management to achieve the highest brand awareness and visibility. 

Partnering with the top brands.




Operation design & standards

F&B Operations design & Standards


"Creativity is nothing without control"

HYPER's experience in operations and branding shapes highly conceptualized service experience and production, starting from product production, menu development, operative charts, food cost control charts, SOP standard operative procedure, SSS standard service sequences, achieving the highest brand awareness pointing on highly scalable businesses. (Business & Standards)

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