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Type of Catering Services

Food service is as important to an event's success as the event itself. Choosing the right style of food for your event might be difficult for a first-time planner. In addition, it might be challenging to make an informed decision when there are so many food options.

For many people, event planning can be a difficult task. For a successful plan and hosting of an event for your guests, it is essential to understand the types of catering services.

Before arranging for someone, it is critical that you first educate yourself on the different possibilities. In terms of style of service, pricing, and the number of caterers. Because each catering service differs from the next. Before deciding on specific catering service, consider the following:

  • what is my budget?

  • What is the expected number of guests?

  • What is the type of my event?

  • What time of year is it?

  • What season is it?

These considerations can assist you in selecting a catering service that is appropriate for your occasion.

I'm going to discuss the different types of catering available. By learning about each type of catering, at the end of this post, it will be easier for you to decide the type of catering you require for your event.

The following are some types of catering:

Wedding Catering

Wedding catering is one of the most popular types of large-scale catering. Depending on the size and style of the event, wedding catering may offer various catering services. With a modest wedding, the caterers will go around with food and drink dishes, serving the guests their favorite foods. There will be fewer caterers than at a formal wedding. A huge wedding, on either hand, will cost more because there will be more caterers. They wander around serving the visitors, while a buffet can be set up to serve themselves.

Weddings can be challenging because it is impossible to predict the exact number of guests that will attend.

The reception, which mostly centers on the cuisine served to guests, is one of the most important components of a wedding. The cuisine should represent the diverse tastes of the invited guests. Additionally, the caterer is in charge of setting up the tables and displays, which can change depending on the event. When looking for a caterer, look for one who has experience with weddings.

Corporate Catering

In this type of event, the caterer serves a cooperative group that has gathered someplace to discuss the company's business. Businesses use corporate catering to celebrate transactions or profits, announce new products, and debate industry-specific issues. Corporate catering is determined by the size and scope of the event. Corporate events can range from simple get-togethers to fancy banquets. When catering to them, a certain style of structure is required. For example, a small open bar for their employees would be preferred by some companies, while others prefer a small food-tasting event.

Social Event Catering

Birthdays, retirement parties, baby showers, and bridal showers are all occasions for celebration. These events are more intimate and thus necessitate greater attention to detail, particularly in terms of catering. Due to their modest size, they should always attempt to meet the nutritional needs of their customers. It's important to pay attention to people's allergens to avoid any situation of food intake allergies.

Also, cultural values should be taken into account to avoid the possibility of serving prohibited foods at such gatherings. Apart from the cuisine, other elements, for example, the event's theme color, must be considered. Small social events, in comparison to weddings or other large gatherings, don’t necessitate a huge number of on-site workers. Such types of gatherings serve to highlight the intimate nature.

Buffet Catering

During a social gathering, buffet catering provides an abundance of food. Various dishes are placed in metal storage containers with a fire underneath, which heats the food at a regulated temperature to keep it warm until the end of the event. They're organized in a line, and guests can help themselves to whatever meal they want. This method of catering enables guests to interact freely while saving both money and time.

Sit-down catering

The guests take their seats as the caterer moves around with platters of food or drinks. The caterers go around asking the people what they'd like to take, then return with their food and drinks later. It's a nice addition to a formal affair, but it's also time-consuming and costly. Because of the staff's services, this type of catering is generally more expensive than buffet catering.

Truck Catering

For small outdoor events or events with many food vendors, this is a trendy catering option. They do not need a large staff. 2 to 4 are sufficient to facilitate food preparation and serving, primarily through a window. A truck is converted into a kitchen where food is made according to customer orders. Food truck catering is best for small social gatherings in the field or on the street with limited attendees. They primarily offer fast food and beverages. They are quick, which saves time.

Food trucks are very inexpensive because they do not require a large number of caterers. They also save money because there is very little food waste.

This catering style is ideal for casual outdoor parties in a garden when the crowd isn't so large that the caterers are overwhelmed.

Office Delivering Catering

A caterer prepares food away from the workplace, packages it in disposable ware, and sends it to the individual who placed the order. The person places an order with the caterer over the phone or through a mobile application and pays once the food is delivered. Cash or a wire transfer can be used to make the payment.

Restaurant Catering

Restaurant catering is the greatest option if you're planning an event and want it to be more advanced than usual. For example, if your event is being held on the premises of a hotel, it is highly recommended that you use one of the hotel's recommended restaurants; you choose a restaurant caterer recommended by the hotel.

This type of catering service is sometimes offered as part of a package deal, so you don't have to worry about all the little things. Catering of this type takes place on the caterer's premises. Some restaurants also offer outside catering services if you require the same level of service at another location. The caterers may offer table dressing services if you want to make the occasion more beautiful and immersive. The restaurant can be tailored and decorated to the guests' preferences. It's best used at social concession events. The main benefit of this service is that guests receive complete attention from the caterer, as all staff is available.

Regardless, restaurant catering is costly since you must pay for the number of tables you have reserved; sometimes, the entire restaurant could be required if there are many guests.

Final Thoughts

Catering types/services are virtually limitless. Your event's service will be determined by how you want it to feel. As so many companies provide these services, you may pick one with a high reputation and is more affordable. And, you also don't want to host the kind of event that dissatisfies your guests with the quality of services provided. As a result, try working with caterers; you will be pleased with their service.

To learn more about how Ermannolelli can assist you in deciding the suitable type of catering type/service, contact us.


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